Meeting Needs, Making Disciples, Planting Churches

The book of Acts records the life of the Early Church. Scripture portrays a group of people that were alive, passionate, generous, and so impacting that they literally changed the world. How did they do it? They centered their lives around the life and teachings of Jesus. They lived together in deep authentic community. Then they gave their lives away to meet needs, make disciples, and see the church multiply to new cities, countries, and continents. This is what we are dedicated to being as a church.

This is the project we are working on together. This is what Jesus has called us to be and this is the only thing that will change North County for the Glory of God.  That’s something that’s worth giving your life away to. There are a lot of needs to meet, disciples to be made, and churches to start. This is just the beginning! I’m excited about the potential of what God is doing already in us and what he will do very soon through us! I love you church! Lets be faithful to be who Jesus has called us to be together!