How Great Stories Begin

No great story ever just started on its own. There is always a series of important and amazing things that preceded the point where you jumped in. We call this the backstory. While the backstory isn’t something you necessarily experienced or saw first-hand, it’s important in shaping the present and the future. The story of Church Project North County has just begun. In May of 2015, my family, my wife Heather and our four daughters moved to Conroe to start the process of planting a new Church Project. This was our jumping-in point, but the story of Church Project began six years ago with a small group of people who were dedicated to changing the way people saw Christ, Christians, and the Church. What began as a small group of people in 2010 has grown by God’s grace into a thriving community of Christ followers who are dedicated to one simple project – discovering what Christ originally intended for his Church to be. 

This mission has lead to thousands of people hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, being discipled, and giving their lives and money away to the purposes of God in our world. One of the strategic ways that Church Project has done this over the past six years is through planting new churches both in the United States and around the World. 

Over the past few years, the communities of North Houston, especially The Woodlands and Conroe, have grown at an overwhelming rate. People are moving here from all over the world. While this growth creates crowded freeways, schools, and grocery stores, I see an opportunity to impact more people than ever before through Jesus’ story. After all, His story is the great backstory for all of us who have experienced His salvation, His love, and this peace. 

This brings us back to the story of CP North County. Realizing the need, the growth, and the potential for the Gospel to impact thousands of people in the area, my family moved to Conroe to begin meeting neighbors, gathering believers, and planting a new Church Project. Soon after moving, we came to realize something profound – God had been there long before us and had been at work cultivating the soil for the seeds of the Gospel. We have met neighbors, strangers, long-time church attenders, and unchurched people all of whom share a common openness to the message of Jesus, the good news that, “In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them.” (2 Corinthians 5:19) Church Project North County is a church that believes deeply in the work of Jesus. He is the only hope for sinners, the only rescue for the perishing, and the only way for those who are lost. 

North County is growing rapidly. Demographers project that within the next few years we will see thousands of new people moving into our neighborhoods, settling on our streets, shopping in our stores. All around us are opportunities to live out the mission of Jesus to “Make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) The story of Jesus is being unfolded in North County. Through your prayer, your presence, and your giving you can be a part of what God is doing through CP North County. 

– Matt Rule

For those who live in North County and would like to join us on this mission, we are currently gathering in house churches on Wednesday nights. Visit our to get connected, to continue the conversation, and to contribute to our mission: to change the way people see Christ, Christians, and the Church.